past exhibition | Bed | 4 - 27 November 2021
Bed Curated by Richard Davey and David Leapman, featuring artists Jenny Hager, Susie Hamilton, David Leapman, Lee Maelzer

"Whether it’s a slightly scraped hollow in the ground or an elaborate four poster, a bed is the one piece of furniture that humans throughout history have possessed. We are almost certain to have been born in a bed and many of us
will die in one, and between those two events a bed is a place where all life unfolds.

It is a place to sleep and dream, a place to read and daydream. It is a place to make love, or to hide under the covers - our safe space, where the monsters of childhood imaging cannot find us. But it can also be a sick bed, hospital bed, or our death bed.

This exhibition doesn’t see a bed as a piece of furniture, but as a metaphor for life in all its fullness". Richard Davey

The curators will be in conversation with the participating artists on Friday 12 November 6.30pm, all welcome.

Photo credit: Max Colson