February 2017
Review of Everyone, Merry Go Round: Justyna Scheuring

Review by Dominik Kurylek in This is tomorrow

Everyone, Merry Go Round

June/July 2016
Fallout: interview with Phil Ashcroft
Q.Can you tell us something about your approach?

PA. I like to combine elements that can allow the work to be approached as either an abstract or figurative work, to play with scale. The use of gra…

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September 2015
A Q&A with Rae Hicks
CANAL is delighted to present a solo stand by Rae Hicks at START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery 10-13 September 2015

Here, Rae Hicks speaks about his work with Chris Shaw, director of Three Works,…

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June 2015
Art and comedy
After the ALT CAB archive exhibition about the 1980s alternative comedy scene back in February at the gallery, I was contacted by a couple of comedy acts who wanted to preview their fringe shows at t…

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