October 2021
Horse Gossip review in Made in Bed
Horse Gossip is reviewed in the October issue of Made in Bed, by Olivia Wilson
Made in Bed…

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September 2021
Horse Gossip publication
This specially commissioned booklet includes ‘Glassy Gluck’ an essay by Nicky Coutts @nicky_coutts, alongside a set of postcards with short texts in response to Nicky Hodge's work by Libby Anson @…

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June 2021
Review of Uplands: Utopia I.O.U. in Art Monthly
"Soaps, embedded with building-site mud, are available at Bobinska Brownlee in Islington to 'wash your face dirtier, while reflecting on who owns the land, and how it is used, in this rapidly changing…

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June 2021
Limited edition soaps by Louise Ashcroft
A series of unique guest soaps embedded with mud and grit exfoliants from the Uplands estate and featured in Louise Ashcroft's Uplands Utopia exhibition are available to purchase. Please contact the g…

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June 2021
Limited edition 'Vermin' analogue app by Louise Ashcroft
digital print on 380 mic Pulp postcard
10.5 x 15cm, edition of 200, 2021
£0 plus postage & packing

A cardboard app for reacclimatising to social life after lockdown

"Resuming social …

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May 2021
Limited edition 'Drain Table' by Louise Ashcroft
A limited edition seat or coffee table designed by Louise Ashcroft and fabricated by Lauren Wilson.

'Toilet humour for infrastructure fans: channelling Kranky, the furniture designer who is the cen…

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February 2021
Limited edition 'fake book' work by Rae Hicks
"My fake book is out today. It’s much heavier than a paperback of that size could be, so is ideally considered place holder or diminutive memorial statue.
Due to increased time indoors and exposure…

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March 2020
New gallery opening in February 2021
The gallery is built, the programme is in place, we will be welcoming audiences and artists into our new space in February 2021