February 2021

Limited edition 'fake book' work by Rae Hicks

"My fake book is out today. It’s much heavier than a paperback of that size could be, so is ideally considered place holder or diminutive memorial statue.
Due to increased time indoors and exposure to various dogmatic brands of online ersatz theory, an increasingly disorientated protagonist becomes unsure about the nature of the objects that populate their locality.
Everything is up for suspicion as a potential threat to privacy, safety and sanctity of inner thought. Malevolence springs from aerial masts and travels through cables underground. Any day, a structure might break its moorings and walk like a colossus, or hills bulge and reshape to accommodate covert industry.
This inexplicable quotidian must be made sense of somehow and gradually the forms outside the window assemble into a narrative mythology, a life raft to hang from.
Eventually, the last crumbs of authoritative truth dissolve from the wider civilisation and the possibility of discernible fiction becomes entirely eclipsed by the beliefs of the desperate.”

Rae Hicks, 11th February 2021

Anomaly | fictional sci-fi novel | jesmonite, image transfer & transfer | 19.7 x 13 x 1.8cm | 2021
edition of 30 | manufactured by @samsculpturelondon | £50