Adam King 's practice includes collage, drawing and site-specific installation. King samples a wide range of references in his collages, including Western landscape traditions, historical nature studies, B-movies and classical literature. These are reconfigured and filtered through an intuitive language and contemporary media, including spray paint and vinyl, imbuing the forms with a glitzy yet subtle contemporaneity.

He riffs on the cultural associations of materials g. watercolour with the pastoral, or spray paint with the urban, to re-fashion forms with an alternative sensibility and a subversive edge.

Rollercoaster Rat is a inspired by rat drawings by 17th c. Dutch artist Jacob de Gheyn, internet images of American roller coasters and modernist geometric pattern. A cut and paste technique and colourful aesthetic suggests the playful and improvised.

Drawn out in exuberant composition with spray paint and diamond dust, a rat skeleton is entwined with an undulating rollercoaster structure. Framing this tableau is a backdrop pattern of flat, angular shapes. Adrenaline-fueled passengers hold hands aloft, as they begin their descent from the track's summit.

Pond Dippers features a rural idyll encroached upon by modern urban development and human activity. Allusions to innocence explored in imagery such as a small boy about to dive and a ballet-dancer frog which appears on tiptoe centre-stage are inflected with sinister references to pollution spills, gas-blowing flowers and protective-suited figures.

Precariousness and decay, suggested through delicate line drawing and the fractured composition, is counterbalanced with optimism and celebration, proposed through lush colour and playful handling of the media.

In Prairie, King creates a spatially ambiguous and timeless landscape which is both strange and familiar. Appropriating from images from consumer catalogues and lifestyle magazines, he creates a series of dimensions within a unified whole, a 'cosmology of worlds within worlds'.

The scale, tones and patterns of the materials and images are manipulated to create the illusion of three-dimensional space and to build up volume and tactile surfaces. The landscape teems with new life-forms spawned from hair-dryers, vacuum cleaners and settees.
Colours and tones suggestive of Paul Nash's battlefield paintings co-exist with phallic and amoeba-like forms reminiscent of those of Yves Tanguy. Allusions to landscape painting, to surrealism, to notions of the pastoral and the sublime are translated through the medium of contemporary print advertising.

King is a graduate of Brighton University (BA Fine Art) and Wimbledon College of Art (MA Drawing). He lives and works in London. His works are held in public and private collections worldwide, including Charles Saatchi, V22 and WWF.

Recent solo exhibitions include We live together like a sky on fire (CANAL), Rough Diamond Jubilee (Ideas Store, London) and Fairy Acid Rainbow (Norman Rea Gallery, University of York). Recent group shows include MacMillan/De'Longhi show and auction (RCA), Remix: Selections from the International Collage Center (USA touring), Beyond Pattern (Oriel Davies/Durham Art Gallery/UH).
digital giclee print on German Etching paper 310gsm
60 x 75 cm | 23.6 x 29.5"
edition of 30 | £280
Pond Dippers
digital giclee print, glitter, watercolour, pastel, German Etching paper 310gsm
60 x 75 cm | 23.6 x 29.5"
edition of 30 | £300