past exhibition | ALT CAB or Where Did It Go Wrong? | 13 February - 7 March 2015
ALT CAB or Where Did It Go Wrong? ALT CAB or Where Did It Go Wrong? explores the alternative comedy scene of the 1980s and early 1990s, using archive material from the period, as well as a programme of performance and discussion by practitioners from then and now.

This informal archival record contains artefacts, film footage and ephemera, relating to the aesthetic, innovativeness and political concerns of a live movement which was born out of a reaction to Thatcherism and to the comedy mainstream of the day.

The exhibition traces alternative comedy's journey from a loose collection of - broadly left-wing and progressive - apprentice standups, performance artists, eccentrics and aspiring actors, to its transformation into the 'new rock'n roll', with stadium gigs, star status and universal acceptance as the new comedy mainstream.

The live programme explores how the agenda of alternative comedy was filtered through the comedy circuit, and how that agenda has changed to address the conditions of today.

It includes an evening with Simon Munnery with some of his classic works, a live installation by legendary club promoter and comedian Ivor Dembina, a full-length show by the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS), appearances by Claire Dowie, Mark Kelly, Charmian Hughes and Bob Boyton, The Art of the Magic Lantern and many more.

The exhibition is curated by Monika Bobinska, who promoted the Meccano Club, Islington, for many years, and by Dec Munro, a comedy director and producer whose involvement in comedy began with Footlights (along with peers Simon Bird, Sarah Solemani, Dan Stevens, Tom Basden, Nick Mohammed and Stefan Golaszewski).

Munro has promoted and MC'd the monthly night "Test Tube Comedy" in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2008. He is currently directing a stand up show for this year's Edinburgh Fringe.
ALT CAB performance listings

Saturday 21 February

A collaborative live installation created by Ivor Dembina, challenging one or two of the artistic myths about 'alternative comedy'
viewable between 2.30-3.15pm & 4-4.45pm
Admission free

Sunday 22 February
The Art of the Magic Lantern

Frog Morris and Nicole Mollett use re-purposed pre-cinema projection equipment to conjure up fantastical visions of London in days gone by. The show features original Victorian magic lantern slides and hand-painted slides by artist Mollett. The show is narrated in steam punk style by artist and comedian Frog Morris.

Show starts 5pm (45 minutes running time)
Admission £6.50 adults/£3.50 under-12s | Adult tickets £5 in advance through the website -

Sunday 1 March
An evening with Simon Munnery

'La Concepta', Munnery's acclaimed 'exclusive non-dining experience' sees him return as the maitre d' of a 'restaurant conceptuel'.

5pm 'La Concepta' £8