past exhibition | Karen Seapker: New Paintings | 27 November 2013 - 25 January 2014
Karen Seapker: New Paintings Canal is delighted to present Karen Seapker's first solo exhibition in the UK. Karen Seapker's paintings attempt to capture time and movement through the use of dynamic colour and brush strokes.

Her interest lies in the place where abstraction meets representation.

Windswept landscapes and waves that swirl across the surface of the paintings create voids and vortices suggesting the impermanence of time and memory.
Mysterious figures appear to disintegrate, evoking a haunting cinematic denouement.

Time and experience are warped in Seapker's bold gestural mark making, and even solid elements have an ephemeral and distorted quality.

Through the slippage created by the artist's deft use of colour and monochrome, Seapker's visual language suggests the unsettling distance between memory and fact.
Seapker's solo exhibition is accompanied by the second in the SHOW CONTINUES series, which showcases the best of London’s recent art graduates.

Beth Atkinson's installation The Score and the Loop draws on the looping, repeating and rhyming connections of landscape, stories and song: the gallery room becomes a stand in for the Sacred Harp hollow square — with four part harmony singing by the London Sacred Harp Singers played in surround sound, placing the visitor in the centre.