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CANAL CANAL is proud to present a varied programme of exhibitions and events. The gallery has now moved from its fixed space, though our exhibitions and activities continue.

The unusually diverse and ambitious programme – solos, group shows, film, performance, painting, installation, photography, music, design - in Haggerston De Beauvoir included the promotion of distinctive and exciting solo exhibitions by James Brooks, Andrew Cross, Rae Hicks, Graham Hudson, Eleanor Moreton and Laura Morrison to name but a few.

The End by Mario Rossi gave audiences a rare opportunity to see a substantial selection of the artist’s celebrated series of one hundred paintings, originally exhibited at the

De La Warr pavilion to celebrate the new millennium. Another end of year exhibition was Apartment, a highly enjoyable selling show, highlighting around 100 compelling design pieces in various media by makers from all over the UK.Everyone, Merry-Go-Round was an ambitious performance-based exhibition by Justyna Scheuring, supported by the Arts Council of England and the Polish Cultural Institute.

Other performances in the gallery included Slovak folk music during Miroslav Pomichal’s solo show Living Like A God, Avis Underwood’s art band at The Ghost of Harry Mafuji Christmas show, a dance performance by Marquez and Zangs, and live painting by Phil Ashcroft.

An innovative archive-based exhibition, Alt Cab, brought
together historical artefacts from the 1980s ‘alternative cabaret’ scene, and a comedy performance programme
curated by promoter and producer Dec Munro. The archive is now housed within the University of Kent’s Drama and Performance Department. The CANAL space brought exhibitions, projects, performances and an affordable art ‘store’, under the same roof, and included projects as disparate as participation in This is Tomorrow at START art fair at the Saatchi gallery and ‘queering’ the canal for Gay Pride.

CANAL’s other projects include participation in London Art Fair in January 2018, and the founding of the North Devon Art Residency (NDAR), based in a north Devon village, its aim to produce work inspired by and engaging with the region.